Custom-made solid wood Loft Office Furniture

Built to your specifications and designed to suit your home

Creating furniture for a work-come-living area in a loft makes good use of often unutilised, wasted space, but the sloping roofline and multi-use nature of the room often make for some interesting design constraints. Furniture to Fit have considerable experience of overcoming the challenges attic spaces pose, to develop practical pieces of furniture that do their job and look great.

The Brief: Design bespoke loft furniture for multi-purpose attic space to be used as an occasional home office, a day room and guest bedroom. Some book storage.

Solution: A recessed wall unit with shelves for books and an ergonomic computer desk for a comfortable work area with the minimum intrusion into the living space. Add a pull-out clothes hanging storage unit for guests' clothing.

Finish: The Light finish helps to create the illusion of space even though the room is quite enclosed.

Custom made Loft Office Furniture, including shelving and desk. All built to your design, that suits your home.
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