Home Office (Study)

The Brief: Lots of book and personal storage in keeping with the house style. A desk to match including cable management, computer mounting and more personal storage.

Solution: The house is Edwardian hence the style. Two 2.25M high bookcases with lower cupboards and adjustable book shelving stand either side of the fire place, and have been made to sit snugly in the recesses.

The desk has two pedestals, one with drawers for personal storage the other has a document hanging drawer for current projects. Mounted on the desk is an additional matching shelf unit.

The PC is mounted on a PC slide to allow easy access to the rear and keep it out of the way of the hover. Cable management contains all cabling for peripheral devices.

Finish: The desk and shelve are finishes in a cream hardwearing lacquer with oak worktops and skirting.

Home Office (Loft)

The Brief: Multi-purpose space to be used as an occasional office, A day room and guest bedroom. Some book storage.

Solution: Recessed wall storage for books that includes the desk space keeping its intrusion to the living space to a minimum. In addition a pull out cloth hanging storage unit has been provide for guests clothing.

Finish: Being quite enclosed the finish is a light to help create the illusion of space.

Bedroom Storage

The Brief: Lots of storage for clothing and to be in keeping with the style of the house.

Solution: Large wardrobes, at 2.3M these solid oak doors can hide a lot of clothing with the space divided into shelving and hanging rails.

900mm x 1200mm chest of drawers with heavy duty drawer runners and drawer fronts finished with a cot bead.

The bedside cabinet gives additional storage including phone and lamp.

Finish: All finished in a mixture of solid oak and veneers with cast handles and solid oak skirting and cornicing.

Library shelving

The Brief: Lots of book and personal storage.

Solution: Large shelving 2.4M units with fixed shelving and lower cupboard storage.

Finish: Finished in cream lacquer with cornice and moulded skirting.

Home Entertainment

The Brief: Modern mounting for LCD screen and associated equipment

Solution: MDF structure to house all equipment with some media storage.

Finish: decorated to match the room.

Toy Storage

The simplest form of storage is a big box with hinge lid. The boxes can be finished in a variety of colours and be engraved to personalise these lovely finished toy boxes.